Providing Students the "Proof" of Success


By Andrea O'Neill '06

Cole Kresch ’16 spent his entire time at Bloomsburg University as an Environmental Geographical and Geological Sciences (EGGS) major. Then, shortly after graduation, he opened a photography studio.

Cole Kresch '16 takes a student's professional headshot during a recent Career Intensive Boot Camp
Cole Kresch '16 takes a student's professional headshot during a recent Career Intensive Boot Camp.

It isn’t as wide a swing as one may think, as Kresch’s original ambition was to work in environmental media, perhaps one day photographing for National Geographic magazine. He honed his photography and writing skills while working for the student newspaper, The Voice, and began taking grad photos for his classmates, action shots for intramural sports teams, and the yearbook. Closer to his senior year, he began photographic weddings and, as the saying goes, “The rest is history.” 

“I had a handful of weddings under my belt, and I realized that the wedding side of things was more attractive to me,” said Kresch. “It was a progressive process as I worked with the newspaper and photographed events.”

Thus, CNK photography was born, and Kresch’s skills have taken him to weddings in Hawaii, St. Lucia, and the Rooftop of the Philadelphia Library. Some of the photographs he composed as a student are still for sale in the BU Bookstore. The connections he made while a student photographer have helped him grow a clientele, and now he wants to reassure fellow Huskies that their career path does not always have to mirror their major.

 “Photography was second nature to me,” said Kresch. “I used my degree to build resources, strengthen relationships with future clients, and grow as an entrepreneur.”

Such a unique career path prompted Kresch to return to campus as a young alumni panelist. He can be found at nearly every Career Intensive Boot Camp, not only providing advice and wisdom about entrepreneurism but also providing students with professional headshots for their LinkedIn profiles and portfolios. 

“The look on their face is pretty cool when they find out I was an EGGS major, and it dawns on them that ‘Oh, I don’t have to do this the way it’s written,’” said Kresch. “I wanted to show students that you can follow a degree path and then use those skills to do something else. Electives and experiences allow you to tie one thing to another and create a whole new adventure for yourself.”

Kresch says that, like a career path, each volunteer can mold their experience to fit their expertise and time constraints – virtually or in person. 
“You do what you can do,” said Kresch. “You can evolve your experience into what you want it to be. Just because you’re asked to do one thing doesn’t mean you can’t suggest something else. When I first volunteered, there was no entrepreneur panel, but I knew another alum who was also an entrepreneur, so we created that topic.”

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